Woo! it’s WooThemes, a Regent Street Sponsor

WooThemes were one of the first large WordPress theme shops, and are no doubt to familiar to you due to their immensely cute Woo Ninja. From a team of three guys, WooThemes has now grown to being one of the largest WordPress businesses around. A number of WooThemes employees are based in the UK, and you’ll see them running around at WordCamp London. Make sure you say thanks for supporting us as a Regent Street sponsor.


WooThemes is an international, market leading, bootstrapped business providing a platform to extend standard WordPress-powered websites via a range of innovative themes and plugins. With WooThemes businesses and individuals can get professional WordPress sites launched quickly and affordably.

From our humble beginnings selling a handful of commercial WordPress themes we now offer a huge catalog of feature rich themes, and a suite of plugins that extend your WordPress experience.

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