Mail Poet

Need to send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders? Do it from WordPress with MailPoet, a newsletter plugin.

We used to be called Wysija, but that name sucked, so we got rebaptized in September.

Since you don’t like to read the regular marketing blah blah, let the stats speak for themselves:

  1. Over 600,000 downloads on the repository, in less than 2 years.
  2. 50,000 active users, which is an estimate
  3. Over 800 five star reviews. That’s a lot
  4. We’re on the first page of the highest rated plugins
  5. We’re way up there in Google.

Behind the stats, we’re real people. Our team is 7 guys (no girls, unfortunately), and we’re from far and wide: France, Italy, Vietnam, Georgia, and Canada.

Every team member does an equal amount of support, in 6 languages, 7 days a week. This is paramount since emailing can be frustrating at times.

We also take great pride on our user interface. Everybody in the team participates in making the user experience a little easier. The perfect UI is never achieved, we know that.

One of us, Kim, will be in London for the WordCamp. He’s tall and skinny, and will wear a MailPoet t-shirt. Say hello, and ask him for a beer, which is proof you read this. He’ll oblige!