Sponsor WordCamp London

WordCamp London is looking for sponsors!

WordCamps differ to regular conferences as they carry the official seal of WordPress and also support the open source movement.

Sponsoring a WordCamp is a way to support and give back to your local WordPress community. WordCamp London is the first WordCamp to be held in the capital. It will take place over two days: the first day will comprise presentations from WordPress experts and enthusiasts from the UK and around the world. The second day will be a Contributor Day – both seasoned and new community members will spend the day working on the project.

Sponsorship of the event will support the WordPress community in London and the UK, as well as giving back to the larger project. You can read all about it on the sponsorship page.

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    • We’ve actually filled our sponsorship slots, but thanks for offering. And yes, the call for presentations has closed and speaker selection is finished.

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