Sign up for Lightning Talks!

Got something to share? Want to tell people a cool new WordPress trick? Think people can learn from your experiences? At WordCamp London, you’ll have a platform to share them with the world.

On Saturday afternoon we’ll be running 5 minute lightning talks, giving you the opportunity to take to the stage and share with the WordPress community! Some ideas for what you could talk about:

  • Quick “how-tos”
  • Show off your workflow or setup
  • Share a story about your involvement with WordPress
  • Tell us about a cool project you worked on and what you learned
  • WordPress secrets you wish everyone knew about
  • The one thing that changed your WordPress life

Lightning talks are not for product pitches, they’re about sharing something that people can learn from. You can sign up right here (if you’re using slides we’ll need them emailed to us by 18th November). The deadline for signing up is 16th November, but don’t wait until then. We’ll accept the first ten that we think sound cool! As soon as we have ten we’ll announce them on the website.

See you at WordCamp!

2 thoughts on “Sign up for Lightning Talks!

  1. I’d like to do a lightning talk on the subject of “Probably doing it wrong.”

    Using the wp-login.php page as an example.

    There are only 9 translated strings on the default login page.
    So why does it need over 280 PHP files, performing over 2,300 string translations to display it.

    I’ll name and shame three plugins that do a whole bunch of work for no apparent reason.
    and present a couple of suggestions for improving the situation.

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