WordPress Theme Fundamentals

If you’ve ever built a website with WordPress, you’ve probably wondered if you should build your own theme. But where do you get started? There are so many tutorials out there, so many courses to be taken, themes to be broken. Whether you want to build a theme from scratch or just learn how to better customise them, this workshop will cover all of the fundamentals that you need to find your way in to WordPress Themes.

Topics overview:

9:30. Intro & setup
10:00. Getting started
10:30. What is a WP Theme?
11:00. How do Themes Work?
11:30. Theme Ingredients
12:00. Let’s make a (super basic) Theme!
12:45. Next steps & further reading


  • A laptop with WordPress pre-installed locally – I recommend DesktopServer which I’ll be using on the day
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress
  • Basic knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS code

What’s covered:

  • How WordPress works
  • How WordPress themes work:
    • Theme Hierarchy
    • Template Tags
    • The Loop
  • Making your own WordPress theme
  • Converting a demo HTML/CSS site into WordPress
  • Making it ‘dynamic’ and displaying content (posts/pages)

What isn’t covered:

  • Making/writing Plugins
  • Widget areas & advanced menus
  • Custom Post Types
  • Advanced theme functions (media & attachments, comments, advanced loops, get_template_part, etc…)
  • WordPress MultiSite
  • Theme Frameworks & Child Themes