BuddyPress Myth Busting

There are a whole lot of myths about what BuddyPress does, can do and said a week last Friday down the pub. In this talk I’ll be exploring some of the common myths and seeing how they hold up. Such myths will be busted as:

  • BuddyPress can’t scale
  • All BuddyPress sites look the same
  • Creating a BuddyPress theme is like an ancient Greek trial
  • You need plugins to make a BuddyPress site useful
  • The more things that a BuddyPress site can do the better
  • BuddyPress is for developers
  • BuddyPress is just for building social networks
  • BuddyPress sites are full of spam


The time has come to set the record straight. I like many others who work with BuddyPress almost daily hear one or more of these myths. Lets put them to rest so we can get on with building awesome things with BuddyPress.