Big Media Strategies for WordPress

WordPress’s position in the newsroom has never been stronger, and there’s never been a better time to be a WordPress developer working with news media. At Alley Interactive, News Media is our primary focus, and many of our largest clients have chosen to build their sites with WordPress, including the New York Post, which launched on VIP in early September at The Post is the largest American newspaper running solely on WordPress by both pageviews and circulation, and one of the few dailies to use WordPress as the sole web CMS. We’ll share our strategies for conquering some of the toughest challenges facing The Post and other big news sites on WordPress.

  • Fast, filterable search
  • Big data migrations: Bringing 750,000 legacy articles into WordPress
  • Synchronizing the Web CMS with the Print CMS
  • Integrating user authentication without sacrificing page load time
  • Integrating with iOS and Android apps
  • Responsive web design
  • Automating the editorial workflow for a team of a hundred reporters