Take the WordCamp London Survey

The 23rd – 24th November saw the first ever WordCamp London and the organising team are extremely happy with how well the event well. The speakers were engaging, the food was delicious, and throughout the venue we could see smiling faces and hear in-depth chit-chat about WordPress.

We’re going to do it all again next year and since there will always be room for improvements, we would appreciate your feedback to help us to make it even better. As organisers, we run around like crazy people all day trying to make sure everything runs smoothly, so your feedback lets us know about all of the little things that we didn’t pick up on. Was there a speaker you thought was particularly good? Did you love or hate the lunch? Was there something that you felt was lacking? Something you thought was amazing?

We could love it if you could spend a few minutes taking our survey Рwe really do listen to your feedback and will be making use of it when organising the next event.